Plympton Mural – Part 3

First of all – PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES!  My wife said: “More PICTURES!”  So, here ya go.  The first two shots are of the background in progress; before and after the house was placed. 


The pencil works I do are easy because they are usually compact and if I mess up I can erase something, or at worse-case tear it up and get a new piece of paper.  But this… this is someone’s WALL – in their house… it’s HUGE and you can’t tear it up and start over.  The lake is a BIG part of this composition and I knew that to mess it up was equivalent to “buying the farm”.  Mistakes are not an option.  Small ones yes, like the issue I had with the house earlier.  Those are the kinds of thoughts and anxieties that were zooming around in my head as the time to paint the water in the lake approached.  I studied water everywhere I went.  There is a similar lake in Winter Park (the most awesome park EVER: Lake Island Park).  I went there for lunch many days and studied the colors, the reflections and the wind effect and took lots of pictures.  I was ready.  Using the texture of the wall to help with the wind effect and a half loaded fan brush in my hand I applied the paint … and immediately went into CARDIAC ARREST.  It looked like a 2nd grader just smeared green paint all over my beautiful blue lake – it was worse because with a 2nd grader there’s a certain amount of “oh isn’t he cute?”, but this was awful!  In a MOMENT I had to come up with a new plan.  I grabbed a smaller brush and other colors of paint and started fixing the insanely fast-drying puke that was all over my mural.  What resulted was in my mind, one of the most successful sessions yet of working on this project: 


There is some tweaking and touching up left to do and more reflective water in the foreground coming soon, but for the most part, I am pleased with how it turned out.

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