Plympton Mural, Part 4… The Bridge to Nowhere

Sorry for my latent blog as of late. I was hoping to make this a 4-post project, but that’s not gonna be possible due to my recent adventures exploring my other passion of being a plumbing repair-man… (not). After 2 weeks of work (nights and weekends) that included 5 days without running water, $360 to a plumber that did not help at all, 4-5 trips to Lowe’s, dozens of phone calls and 2 trips to Brevard County to procure the apparently extremely rare parts needed to fix a 1hp Sta-Rite Projet pump – and after having taken said pump apart twice; we now have running water. We are still troubleshooting the lack of pressure in the system and still need to install final changes to the well head, but I was finally able to get back to the Plympton’s house and paint some more.

As a compensatory bone I am throwing in these two pictures of the bridge in progress: (and yes, it appears that the bridge leads to a void in reality, but I will fix that – I promise)

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One Response to Plympton Mural, Part 4… The Bridge to Nowhere

  1. ragealexrage says:

    I am not coming home until the water is fixed lol! Seriously though the mural looks awesome keep it up!