The details in the foreground of the various plants and flowers proved to be very time consuming, indeed. One of the biggest challenges was matching colors that I had applied two months prior. Having never had any formal training in the fine arts I feel that I need to “level-up my alchemy skills” as they would say in the gaming world, (i.e.: teach myself some color theory). I was also a little jittery about the relief effect mostly because I was unsure how my idea on tinting the existing wall color was going to work out. It was meant to be subtle but noticeable, so I think it worked out.

Well, what else to say that has not already been said… This has been a GREAT experience and I am GRATEFUL to Larry and Nancy for their patience over the duration of this project! As you can see in some of the pictures, life went on in their living room while the main wall was half covered in paint, paper and tape for several months. I was always welcomed in their home and treated as part of the family and quickly given rights to the fridge to get what became my customary glass of diet root-beer. Some of the time I was isolated in my world with my headphones on and other times I was involved in the festivities like catching up on their favorite shows on the DVR – “Top Gear” ROCKS! Such are the joys of working for friends!
So Here it is!:

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