Plympton Mural project begins

My first post is a project I am doing for a friend and colleague of mine.  They wanted a mural in their living room.  This is a challenging project for me since I have only done one other mural in my life.  The first mural I worked on was a team effort where we painted english garden flowers on all four walls of a huge church fellowship hall.  I must have done that project before cameras were invented because I have no pictures of it.  Recently I found out that they have dry-walled that entire room thereby hiding away my first mural until 300 years from now when the post-apocalyptic archaeologists dig it from the rubble.

I will probably have several posts of this project since I have been taking pictures of each step.  The Plympton’s wanted to create 3 faux archways that appear to look out at a beautiful garden scene, so the first step was to take measurements of the wall and then I did what I often do when I am

CAD model with dimensions
CAD model with dimensions

trying to figure something out… what any Art Geek with NERD SKILLS would do… I modeled the wall and arches in AutoCAD.

Using the geometry in the CAD model, I configured the arches on the wall using a tape measure, T-square, level and string.

Since we (the clients and I) were working from several references to build the final scene with, I then drafted a scaled down version of the wall in my

Sketch of scene

Sketch of the mural scene

sketch book and produced a pencil rough of the scene.  Once the design was approved I applied a grid to the sketch scene so I could transfer the scene to the arches on the wall.

Next time I will post more pictures of the work-in-progress.

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Well, I have decided to do what every other life form in the known universe is doing and start a blog. My blog will be about current artistic projects that I am working on right now! My first entry will be coming soon, as soon as I figure out how this works.

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